The Home Depot Enrollment Process

Ensure Your Agency Receives the Maximum Rebate

In order to track purchases to calculate annual rebate, agencies will need to register with U.S. Communities and then enroll in the Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program.

Before you register, please read the following important information regarding the enrollment process:

  1. Review the Registration Guide for a step-by-step overview of the enrollment process.
  2. Have your Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) available.
  3. Ensure you complete Steps 4 and 5. Register your forms of payment which can be p-cards, credit cards, checking accounts or purchase orders. All payment information must be associated with the USC Agreement Code.

  If you do not enter payment information and the USC agreement code for each form of payment, purchases will not be tracked for rebate eligibility.

Ensure the maximum rebate by having your p-card administrator create a master account to track and manage all forms of payment. Once payment types are entered, all purchases are tracked automatically. To create a master account, please enter the p-card administrator contact information in the form to the right. The Home Depot will contact them directly to coordinate a bulk upload of the information.

Support: For immediate assistance with enrollment or adding payment information, call 1-866-333-3551.

Already Enrolled in ProRewards? View our Account Maintenance for tips to ensure you are set-up to receive the maximum rebate.