True ZeroTurn Mowers

Grasshopper mowers are built to last and their quality and performance is second to none in the turf industry. While there are many combinations of models to choose from, there is a large number of common parts that help to keep training time and expenses low and parts inventories down. Grasshopper mowers are easy to operate, and are designed with many built-in comfort features that reduce operator fatigue keeping them alert all day long. Here are a few reasons why Grasshopper mowers are a smart investment:

  •  A Grasshopper zero-turn radius mower can save 30–50% mowing time

  • Design-matched hydraulic transmissions, using Grasshopper Cool Temp Hydro-Max™ hydrostatic fluid can run 1,000 hours between transmission oil changes – up to three times longer than many competitor’s mowers

  • Grasshopper design-matched hydraulic drive systems allow more power to be applied to the cutting decks in order to get jobs done faster while delivering professional results